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08:25pm 07/06/2017
  My youngest brother (by a minute, he's a twin!) is getting married!!! His gf, Wendy and him got engaged hmm... 5-7 weeks ago? I can't remember exactly when, but they came to Colin's house to cut his nana's hair (Wendy is a hair dresser), and showed us the ring! They've planned for July 30.... THIS YEAR!!!!! They wanted to get a wedding planner but want to keep the wedding small and on budget, and the wedding planner they went to said they'd spend around $25,000! They want to spend around $6000! They're only inviting 30-35 people and 1/3 of that is our family. I told them I could help (since they were asking me questions anyways lol) and my mom will be helping too. Not much time to do it all though! Neil told Brian (the twins) that they have tons of time... uhhh no. lol

I've gotta find a bakery, possibly a photographer (one might come with the package at the Chapel, and they don't want me doing it, they want me to enjoy myself), also do their engagement session if the photographer comes with the package and they won't get a session with them, and allll the little things! They don't really know anything - they didn't even know what a gift registry was! haha But, they said they're not doing one and people will just be giving them cash and a card. I think they have everything they want.

I am SO busy right now.... ugh! It's kinda stressful. My computer is SOOOO slow when editing... I need to get a new computer! I swear, it takes at least 5 minutes to do one photo, if not more... like 10. lol I have to do them one by one or else my computer slows down. It is almost 5 years old... so, not surprising but still. Isn't that crazy? 5 years ago I was living with my ex!! OMG. That's so weird. lol Seems like a life time ago.

Gotta get some stuff done but would write a novel if I had more time!
I got a job!!   
01:44am 14/03/2017
  After 6 weeks of looking and 5-6 interviews, I have a job, starting April 3rd! It is for BC's main car insurance company: ICBC. It is a 6 month contract and I will be a claims assistant. I hope they like me and I like them! They would be a great company to work for, for life! I get every other Friday off--time to work on my photography or just have another day off! Long weekends, etc. That will be fabulous!

I can't believe I didn't work for 6 months! It's gone by entirely too fast. Well, I guess I was working in Nov/Dec. Still--it wasn't full time. I wish I could get a photography job, but they were so few and far between. I also didn't meet people's requirements. Oh well--such is life. I am still doing it part-time and loving it. I am in the midst of creating a new website--I recently got a new logo done by a friend's sister who is a graphic designer. It's way more me! I also need to get new business cards. This is super exciting! I will be doing full documentary from now on--other than newborn shoots. I won't be advertising any posed photoshoots because I don't want to do those anymore (ideally). Since this will just be extra money, I'm able to do that.

Time for bed, but wanted to give a quick update. :)
04:00pm 19/01/2017
  So I'm feeling a little lost in life. I got laid off in early October, which wasn't a huge surprise but still a surprise, nonetheless. It was almost a good time because the day I got laid off, was the day I went to my very first photography conference in Seattle, WA--Click Away! It was so much fun and I'm so glad it happened then because all those talks and what I learned really helped me. Time goes by really fast though when you're not working! It's like the days and weeks just slip by.

Around Nov 10th I got a message from an aquaintance I met a long time ago when we took a photography class together, about a job taking photos for Santa at the biggest mall where I live (Metrotown), along side another photographer. Well, not along side, but she would work 4 days a week and I would work the other 3. I was hesitant at first (I have been and will always be shy--bad trait to have as a photographer!) but Colin quickly had me convinced I should go for it. It paid pretty decent too (just a few dollars short an hour of what I was being paid at my office job) and I wouldn't have to do any sort of editing or even use my equipment. They had it all sorted out for me! I really liked it but it was a very taxing job and I am SO glad I only did it for 3 days a week! I think I was sick for the last half of it and had to miss one day (where I couldn't switch with the other photographer) because I caught the flu. I was happy when it was over but I really would love to do photography as a full time job! It made me SO happy, even though I was run down! :) Everyone I worked with was fun, although some needed to do their job rather than sit there. haha But, I think the manager noticed so hopefully she can improve that for next year. We try and serve as many families as possible but Santa and I can only do so much, and if the others aren't doing their job even 80%, then it slows down. I think I'm pretty good at letting things slide off my shoulders, so I enjoyed it, but if I did that job full time, I would eventually not be able to put up with it. It was long hours! Started at 10:45am and ended at 8pm, with 2 one hour breaks. We definitely needed those one hour breaks!

I keep looking at jobs for photography, but so many places want you to have schooling, or more equipment than I have (which is easy to rectify) and experience. Sigh! Or they don't pay enough. $12-15/hour is crap! lol I can't survive on that, especially if it's part-time!

So, while looking for those jobs, I am also looking for admin jobs again. I don't really want to do them, but I may have to bite the bullet. I'm happy I'm at my parents--I am definitely saving money even if I am still paying them a bit of rent. I want to still move out this year! I need to--I'm going a bit stir crazy at home. I can't believe I'll have been here almost 5 years!! Too long. haha

But the reason I feel lost is because I would LOVE to go to school for photography, but that would entail going full time, and then I wouldn't be able to live on my own, and I wouldn't be able to have a family yet. Colin isn't ready yet but in the next few years I want to! When I got sick, I also got a sinus infection, and so I took some antibiotics (but I stopped a day after because I got the flu lol), and that threw off my period! I was SIX days late! Luckily Google eased my mind--if you take antibiotics or have the flu (haha double whammy for me!) when you ovulate, it can throw it off that many days. Glad that was the case! I am not ready for a child yet--no job and at my parents! lol

I am also terrified of doing interviews. I need to get over it! Ugh. Tough road ahead for me....
09:10pm 18/02/2016
  I just bought my last airplane ticket for my vacation this summer! I am going to New Brunswick for my friend Chad's wedding.. where I also get to meet his daughter, Isabella, and see Julia (fiance)! I am super duper excited. I'm a bit nervous because it's another vacation where I'm going alone... and this time, I won't know any of their friends so it is even more nerve-wracking. I at least knew most of my friend's friends in France last year. Oh well--another experience! I need to decide what I'm going to do there. I'll be there for 4 days and nights before I head to Toronto. The last night is the wedding. :)

Right now the itinerary is:

Wed, July 27th
Arrive at 10:40am (left at 11:30pm the night before!! I'm gonna be tired! lol)

Do stuff til July 30th, the wedding at 4pm.

-go to PEI?
-drive to Halifax to meet up with a friend?
-stay in Fredericton to meet other friends of Chad and Julia's?
-meet up with Chad and Julia and Isabella!!

Sun, July 31st
Fly to Toronto

-meet up with friends in Toronto
-eventually make my way to Windsor, visit family

Fri, Aug 5th
-drive back to Toronto
-hang with friends in Toronto

Sun, Aug 7th
fly back to Vancouver at 8am!! so early...

Any suggestions would be helpful.... I am torn!! Especially because I think the meet & greet for the wedding will be on the Thursday evening... so that means I'd have one day to go somewhere. ahhhhh! Decisions, decisions.... and money!!
Fall/Winter update!   
07:14pm 29/01/2016
  I have been a busy bee the last.. 6 months or so. I had my annual review at work in July and I now work 40% at reception, which I've come to accept. I was really stressing out about it and mad at my bosses for a while, and then I finally worked up the courage and talked with them. I didn't get to say exactly what I was thinking, but I am satisfied with it now. I am SUPER busy as a result (they gave me a good raise but I want an even better one this year since I've been so stressed!!) and I feel like I don't have a lot of time for family & friends or even just lounging around with by myself.

I've stayed late numerous days and have worked up a lot of OT. That is fine but I get paid with salary, so no double OT for me or anything like that. I just use it up when I go to appointments normally. I might be able to leave early a few times this summer perhaps if I'm going somewhere.

Photography has kept me busy this winter as well. I've done a few maternity sessions as well as I did my friend's son's baptism last weekend! My first one AND my first time renting a lens! So, I only am really getting 2/3 of what she is paying me and 1/3 is for the lens rental, but that's cool. I'm happy I could play with that lens (24-70mm) cause I want to buy it eventually and it just made it more for sure that I want it in my arsenal.

My camera isn't falling apart, except for the rubber part on the view finder. Ugh! I'm not sure if I should take it in or just take it off or something. Or duct tape it.. hahaha I need to take it to my local camera store (which is now a 5 min drive from my work--bad but good! lol) and find out. I bought a light meter (used) in December. I used it at a maternity session and it was great. Instead of putting my big camera in front of her face, I just used the light meter in front of her face! lol I do need to play with it more--I've already forgotten how!

I'm doing a friend's newborn photos next weekend. She is scheduled to have a csection on Wednesday. I hope they go well! She is super critical and so I'm just scared! She wasn't completely happy with her maternity photos, so I really want to please her with the newborn photos. I'm going to be super prepared so I'm not nervous!! lol I am excited to meet her baby though. :)

My Uncle passed away November 5th and it was quite the shock. He never married so he was a bachlor and I guess I knew this would happen eventually--but I just didn't think it would be so soon after my grandpa (4 years after--8 years after my grandma). He would have been 67 this January. :( My mom found him (she didn't see him--he had the chain on his door and she had to call the police)--the cororner said he died probably of a heart attack or a stroke. He had it and fell (hit his head on the wall), and died. I don't know if he spent hours on the floor, slowly dying, or if he died quickly. I hope he died quickly. We didn't find him for a week. :( It was definitely brought one of my younger brothers closer to us all--he wrote a really nice card to us all, and he's never been one to be emotional. That's me and my older brother! We had a small funeral, and luckily we were able to get a burial at the same place of my grandparents, in Fort Langley (where they retired). My parents have now bought their own burial plots there and said if we want to be creamated, we can be buried on top of theirs (8 per plot). It's nice to know that is all taken care of ahead of time. It is weird that my mom's whole immediate family (before marriage) is now passed away. My older brother and I made a slideshow for the funeral, and even though I knew the pictures that were going to be shown, I still balled my eyes out. We got to sit in super comfy chairs at the front of the funeral home. My younger brother forgot about the funeral (his girlfriend's dad found out something bad about his health that week so we understood), but got there for the reception. He felt really bad. His twin and his gf was in New Zealand so they weren't able to make it.

Lots more happened but I'm running out of time--gotta go buy snowshoes for tomorrow! :)
Tough Mudder 2015 and other things   
10:50pm 21/06/2015
  I just accomplished Tough Mudder 2015 in Whistler! I am so proud of myself, and my ego will be inflated a bit for a while! ;) I was shocked at my endurance, attitude and the ability mentally and physically to push myself through it! 17.6km, not all flat land! Mountains! Some of it was a small trail (up hill) where you could only go single file.

There were 18 obstacles (or something like that)--one of them I got a muddy heel in my left eye from my co-worker, Rich (whose 52!!), and luckily the INSIDE of my shirt wasnt muddy so I could rub it out! Or most of it! haha That was called the "Kiss of Death", where you crawl in the mud under barbed wire. One obstacle called "Walk the Plank", where it's pretty high up (high diving board up), I must have hit my right side of my head in the water because I got up but I got dizzy swimming the 15 ft back to shore, and was dizzy getting out... then proceeded to get a headache on that side from all the water and it only doesn't hurt today but it hurt all last night!

The worst was the arctic enema though--SUPER cold water with TONS of ice in it and they keep it stocked!! You slide down into it so you go head under, then you climb over a board, then climb out... you're in there about 5 seconds but HOLY CRAP it was cold!! That was survival style getting outta there! Then the cliff hanger which was climbing a super steep mountain.... for a while. lol Rich helped me the whole way or else I wouldn't have done it. My whole body was so much in shock and my feet and hands were so cold! I took my gloves off and my hands were swollen and white!! I definitely couldn't have made it without him!! He was amazing. That was definitely mental and physical grit!

It was good we had SUPER fit guys on our team--they were able to dig in when us 'weaker' ones couldn't put as much--there was one obstacle called the Everest where it's a super high half pipe--you sprint from 50 ft away and get as high as you can and then your teammates LITERALLY pull your whole weight up cause there's nothing for your feet to hold onto! Ah my team was awesome. I can't believe we actually did it!! I would do it again... you need a positive attitude and some strong people. Other teams help though!

Our team captain, Scott, was great the whole way through--too bad he is leaving for his MBA in a few weeks (this was sponsored by my company)! I think we might do it again next year--it'll help me keep my stamina and hopefully get stronger! I definitely don't want to lose this high! My right big toe nail is blue but who cares! I feel great. I do love pushing myself and that's exactly what I did!!

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Survey Time!   
02:35pm 07/09/2014
  You know how sometimes people on your friendslist post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out. (:

Name Renee
Nicknames Reenee, Ren (but only like 2 people call me that)
Birthday May 11th
Zodiac Taurus

Hair Natural colour is brown with lots of blonde/red highlights. I was born with blonde/red hair, then it got darker as I got older, it was dirty blonde then this brown colour. I tend to get bored with my hair cut and colour extremely fast so I've been colouring it a lot since I was 15ish. I started with blonde highlights, then more blonde highlights. Then I started dying it myself... when I dyed it back then, it was an ugly blonde on myself. I look back at photos now and cringe! haha I've dyed my hair many colours from darker brown, and then darker brown with red highlights, etc No one really noticed though when I would dye it (I guess that's a compliment!) and so I had coloured it red in 2008 and liked it but wanted to make it that much brighter. So, in 2011(I think?), my ex's sister bleached highlights in and dyed it red so it would stick more.... it didn't turn out as red as i wanted it, so I found a boxed dye that did. It is an awesome colour but fades of course because it's so bright. But people noticed! haha But, I would never bleach my hair again--it really wrecked it. It's finally grown out but it took about a year or more. Last time I dyed it was back in March and I haven't since because everyone is telling me how much they love what it's faded to--a strawberry blonde colour. So, I'll keep it like this for a while. I still have 3 boxes of that red dye to use someday! (I always buy them on sale).
As for hair cuts, I had it long for well, ever. I cut it short once in grade 7 and decided I hated it so didn't want to do that again. A few years ago after my grandpa passed away, I wanted a change. A friend had a hair dresser that could just know what would look good on you (I've always wanted one like that!), and so he gave me 2 choices: longer hair still with side bangs and stuff I had already done or SHORT hair... I went for it and cut it short and haven't looked back! I've been doing different things with it since because like I said, I get bored easily. I now go to my ex's sister for my hair and she's awesome. Right now I'm sporting a bob but one side is longer than the other. People say it looks natural and that I suit it. lol Story of my life! I want something that is OUTRAGEOUS.... just like the red hair. Perhaps someday I'll get the guts to do that. Not sure I want it cut SUPER, boy cut, short... we shall see!

Eyes Blueish-grayish.

Height 5'5. I thought I was closer to 5'6, but nope!

Body Type I've always been on the thinner side, but with muscle, which I like. I did have a few years in my 20's where I gained weight (20 lbs at the most--too much!) and had to start watching what I was eating and exercise. Until I was 23/24, I never had to. 31 and I still don't have an exercise routine down, mainly because I'm too lazy. haha I do like to work out when I actually get to doing that though--I like to push myself. I LOVE Crossfit and wish it wasn't so expensive. That was the best shape I've ever been in when I took it for 3 months back in 2011. I did find out though through a medical condition that it really IS all about food when you want to lose weight. Crossfit gave me muscle and definitely put me in shape, but didn't take away a lot of the fat I had gained. I've always had fat go to my stomach--ever since I was a kid. I don't gain much in my legs, or arms/chest. My arms definitely aren't as skinny as they used to be, which I like. I did find out that with my condition (I get lots of yeast infections--my PH is basically not balanced at all down there and is EXTREMELY sensitive, and the last time I remember having a normal feeling down there, was in 2012... which is sad, that how I feel now, has been normal for a long time), with cutting out sugars, dairy, carbs... that I can stay a healthy weight again! So there's a plus. The yeast really built up in my stomach and now my stomach isn't so bad--it's back to normal. I still need to watch what I eat but not as much since I'm watching it for a different reason.

Relationship Status Single at the moment. My last entry was about trouble with the guy I was seeing... well, we ended up just dating for another 2 months after that. He isn't ready for a relationship--doesn't know what he wants or needs. He is just going through too much right now. I'm super sad about it because it's the first time since Chris that I could see myself with someone long term. We still talk a lot which probably isn't good but... oh well. My friend did just convince me yesterday to join TINDER. haha So we'll see what happens. I really just want to focus on myself and be happy with myself again before I date someone else.

Kids None, but I do want a family someday.

Religious Views I used to be in a youth group in high school. My parents don't go to church--my dad never has. My mom used to go when she was a kid, and she will randomly go, but not consistently. I am more spiritual than religious.

Political Views I don't like the BC Liberals--with a passion! But they're all evil.

Occupation Full time I am an admin assistant at an engineering company. We make custom air handling units for school, museums, airports, etc. We are #1 in our field, so it's a great company to work for. Part time I am working on my photography business. I've wanted to do this for a long time--since I took my first class in grade 11--but i've always been too shy, but after my ex and I broke up, I decided I needed to do it despite the fear. I am still scared but I love it so much that it pushes me past the fear! And has made me happier than I've been in a long time (happier with myself--not with a man). :)

City/State (or Province)/Country I was born in Vancouver, BC (Canada), and we moved to Richmond (it's where the airport is and is about a 20 min drive from Vancouver) when I was 7. I'm a 5 minute drive from the Fraser River which feeds into the ocean. When I moved out of my parents, I've lived in Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey. I'd rather not live in Surrey again--or maybe just the bad part. haha South Surrey isn't too bad. Burnaby is to the east of Vancouver and the boundary line is Boundary Road. haha I love living in the lower mainland, and have never thought I could live anywhere else. I'm back at my parents after my ex and I broke up--I'm paying off debt and focusing on my photography.
Vancouver is a gorgeous city--it has the ocean, mountains and LOTS of greenery. Summer is the best time to visit because it doesn't rain a lot. It is an expensive city though--having Expo 86 and then the 2010 Winter Olympics made it that way. Sad because I will probably never be able to afford a house here, let alone a 1 bedroom apartment in a nice place. Even when I move back out and rent, it will be expensive. To give you an idea of how much it is to buy a place here, my parents house (4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) cost them $260,000 (which was almost $100,000 cheaper than the average house price at the time) back in 1998, and now it is almost worth $900,000.

Favorite Color Purple!! It was blue for a while, but purple will always be my #1.

Favorite Flower I like flowers but I don't have a favourite--I don't know much about them.

Favorite Movie(s) I like all the Harry Potter movies... and musicals, I love musicals. I don't have favourites really though because I think there are so many great movies out there.

Favorite Song(s) Music is huge in my life--it is something that lifts me up when nothing else can. I LOVE watching live bands because I love watching them play their instruments, and I appreciate their music even more. I can get in a trance when seeing concerts. I normally dance too and sing along. Last weekend I went to a music festival called Bumbershoot in Seattle and saw the Polyrythmics--instruments only, no singing. They were AMAZING. I love every kind of genre--even country. This is a new one--a year ago I hadn't really given it a chance. What I listen to depends on my mood.

3 Random Facts about you:

1. I have an issue with sugar--any kind that will feed to the yeast. It sucks because I basically have to be on this food plan for the rest of my life--it sucks because I can't have grains (or starches including potatoes, rice etc), dairy, sugar... which is hard when you live in an area where you have the choice of all this great food from around the world--the best. Or going to friend's houses, but a lot of them are very accomodating. :)

2. I have this chronic laziness... not sure why but even things I love, I get lazy about them. I work at this everyday but it's hard. Even right now as I type this, I need to be working on my latest newborn shoot and finish it. I just want to be productive and sometimes I am, but sometimes I'm not. It's annoying.

3. I absolutely hate doing public speaking. I went to speech therapy when I was a kid, and I speak low, so I always have to think about how I speak. Most people don't have to and it's hard for me. I like parties but I like one-on-one times with my friends much more (or even up to 5 people if I know them all). I am more of a listener than a talker for sure.

Story behind your username:
I love Incubus and Aqueous Echo is from two of their song names.
11:21am 29/04/2014

Ugh. I need to vent. I'm so tired of these super cheap photographers that include all the digital files in their cheap session price.

Makes me second guess my decision not to do that. Some people apparently don't want my photos--they just want cheap photos. Even friends. I think that's what hurts.

This pricing thing is frustrating. I have my pricing done but yeah, makes me wonder if I need to change it... Again! I don't know.

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Jess's 30th Birthday   
11:15am 07/04/2014
  It was one of my best friend's, Jess's 30th birthday yesterday. She initially wanted to go away for the weekend somewhere but other plans got in the way (my cousin's baby shower was on Saturday afternoon) and so we are planning to go somewhere in the summer/fall instead. Not sure exactly when as I am trying to keep as many weekends open for shooting! I am also starting to build up my portfolio for newborn shoots. I am doing my cousin's and another friend's (mid-end of May for my cousin and end of July for my other friend), and possibly a friend of a friend. I am not exactly sure how many I'll do until I charge, but definitely more than 3! I need more experience and to be more comfy around babies if I'm going to do it. It will definitely push my boundaries... a few years ago I could never see myself doing this! haha I was freaked about newborns, even older babies. Didn't know how to hold them, etc. Hopefully this helps!

Anyways, for Jess's 30th, a few of us took a horseback riding lesson on Saturday. It was 45 minutes but that was a good amount of time. Jess loves horses and wants to volunteer for a ranch, so she says she's going to apply there. The place was called Unicorn Stables. Awesome name huh? The trainer was great, and so were our helpers. We each had our own! Jess said normally at other places there would just be the trainer. I liked how we had our own. They were all probably teens, or even a bit younger. Really nice girls though! Very helpful. My helper was Kennedy and she said we were a treat because we were older and talked, whereas most groups are young kids and so they're shy and don't really say much. My horse was named Happy but he was kinda the opposite. haha He was the oldest horse there--they had 44 total. He was a character though, I liked him. We learned how to trot--and I learned that I need to get back to the gym! haha I am definitely sore today! We also practiced turns by going around cones. Then we had a barrel style race.... except MUCH slower. haha! I came in 2nd, but we were close! I probably would have won if Happy hadn't stopped earlier than we wanted him to! I'm not great at trotting but I got the hang of it a few times. It just takes some leg strength. haha I need to build mine up! Afterwards, we went and chilled at Jess's until our dinner reservation. I had a sushi burger with albacore tuna with a black sesame seed crust. It was delicious and my piece was huge! It was a fun time. After that we went back to her place and just talked for a bit. We were both super tired though. Great day overall!

Friday I had a girl's night at my place since my parents were in Hawaii. There were about 10 of us--great turn out! We played a few games, some girls painted their nails (which I got a pic of since I think that is a true girl's night! haha), and just talked. It was really fun. Of course, we also ate a lot of snacks! :) Yum yum!

Yesterday was relaxing... I slept in (first time in a few weeks) and then lazed around a bit, watched some TV. Afterwards, I worked on Ang & Dwayne's photoshoot. I have about 15 photos left so I should be done soon! Just gotta do a few quick touches on them in Photoshop since I already did some of it in Lightroom. And then it was SPORT'S NIGHT time!! My younger brother, Neil, has a group of friends who play a different sport every week. It's getting pretty organized! They had a banner made up, and got liability forms done so we just had to sign them ONCE (last year it was every week) and then we're good for the season! It went until the end of October last year, but I only went a few times. The first time out I got a bloody nose... haha It didn't hurt at all though! I call it my initiation into Sport's night. haha We played Capture the Flag and there was about 20-25 of us. Great turn out! I am trying to get some of my friend's to come out but no one seemed to want to. Oh well. Perhaps next week! We will be playing Ultimate Frisbee. Oh and we were the Blue Man Group (my team) since we had blue face paint on, and we won 3 outta 4 times! Woohoo! Mainly because my brother was on our team and he is apparently the fastest out of the whole group! haha I did my fair share to help--I am also a pretty fast runner. I was defending, which I am pretty good at in most sports.

As for my website, I have given myself the dead line of..... my birthday! May 11th. I figure if I don't, it might never get done. haha I am such a procrastinator!! But here I go!
12:28pm 02/04/2014
  So, not seeing anyone at the moment. Rob and I are better as friends anyways. :) He burned his leg--3rd degree--so I was helping him out for a few weeks, but now he's almost all good (I mean, as good as you can be for a 3rd degree burn) and back to work. I was seeing someone else for a few weeks, but I just wasn't as into him as I wanted to be. Super nice guy though. His name might have something to do with it--it was Chris. haha But no, that wasn't the reason I ended things. We were having fun together, but something was missing. I didn't want to drag things on... or lead him on. I hurt him enough as it was. I hate that. I almost cried when I got out to my car after I did it. I've never had to end things with someone that liked me that much... it was hard!! It will be a little weird also since we have lots of mutual friends. So, we will see each other, but for now, I'm going to avoid the one place I know I will see him so it's easier for him.

I got my business cards! I've been passing them out to friends--immediately Rob offered to hand some out for me. Thoughtful! But, I haven't finished my website yet, so I've told him to hold off until I'm done. I'm putting everything on paper, then will decide on a layout, and then get the website all together. Long process! Especially since I can't decide on a layout. haha

I took my cousin Angela's maternity photos and they have so far turned out beautifullly! I am learning more and more how to shoot so the light encapsulates people and I am happy with the outcome of these photos. I think they'll be my first blog on my website! Eeee! So exciting!! Then I need to start marketing myself even more. Not exactly sure how to do that, I think I'll get my parents to pass out business cards for me as well. They know a lot of people... :)

Anywho, time for lunch! It is gorgeous outside. :)
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Rob, friends & more   
05:40pm 14/01/2014
  So Rob and I are good now. We ended up not spending New Years together, but I had a great time at my friend Gillian's place. A bunch of us ended up staying over, so it was a blast! Good times, good friends. :)

Rob and I went out for sushi on Sunday night and since it was his birthday on the 7th, I paid for it. It was right across the street from his place--it was so delicious! We talked more about his past--his longest relationship was with his son's mom, Carrie. They were together for 2 years, then Rob started having Chase every weekend when they split up. He said that they really started to bond when Chase turned 5, that they went fishing non-stop for that year. Found out that Chase was born via c-section because he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and legs twice.. :( He came out black & blue, not breathing. Rob said that was really scary. It was nice to get to know him more, there's so much to learn! I'm looking forward to more! :) It was also nice to get away because his roommate, Chris, has been there every time I go over and he always has dinner with us. He's a super nice guy and fun to hang out with, but it's nice to have more alone time than just when we go to sleep.

I love cuddling Rob!! And kissing! I started hugging him when we were standing outside his bedroom, and he was like "Let me take off my sweatshirt cause that's more intimate". I reeeeeeally like him! He bought a used camper yesterday, and it fits on his truck, woohoo! We're gonna try and go camping on Saturday. He needs to get some things done to his truck though, so we'll see. Hopefully, cross your fingers for me!

We've been reminiscing about our first meeting/date the last two times I saw him. Nice to know he thinks about that kind of thing. :) He remembers how long we've known each other, even before meeting! So cute. :)

I've been watching more classes on the business side of photography and about to watch more and take notes. I start my class tomorrow--it's about ON & OFF Flash Photography! Excited to learn more things about my flash! Bought a bunch of things, and looking to register my company soon so I can get things like business cards, etc done! So exciting!!

Chris and I have talked (well, texted) and I think we're actually friends now. Real friends! I confided in him about Rob about some issues and he gave me advice. Showed me the gun he recently bought--I'm jealous! I'm going to get my gun license--sometime this year! But yeah, I'm glad we can be real friends. I've missed his friendship.

So I've had a good start to the year so far, I think!
12:26am 19/12/2013
  This past year has been .. a reflection year. A year to look at my life and see what I can do to improve it, to make myself happy. I can't believe it's already been a year since Chris and I broke up. We rarely talk now... some text messages here and there, and I guess it's for the best. I am happy.... surprisingly. I never thought I could be again... never thought it would happen. But here I am, and happy. Well, for the most part.

I met a man... his name is Rob. We met online in September and texted for a few weeks before meeting downtown. We had sushi and it was really nice conversation... then we walked around for an hour or so, and walked around in Chapters as well. I wasn't sure about how I felt about him, but when we were in Chapters, he walked behind me and I got this... feeling... it definitely made me want to see him again. So we met up again the next week and bowled. We would high five each other, and each time, we would try and hold each others hands.... there was a lot of tension, good tension, between us. :) We saw each other again on the following Friday & Sunday. We were going to go shooting, but there was horrible traffic and the sun set before we could get to Hope. :( BUT, we ended up having a lovely dinner, and saw Captain Phillips... and then went back to his place and talked til 3am!! He isn't even a night owl like me... I asked him if he wanted to go to bed, and he said no, that he wanted to stay up and keep talking with me. :) I ended up staying over, just sleeping in his arms... and I made the first move (holding his hand at the movie and kissing him when I left the next morning). :D

The Sunday, after I had Thanksgiving with my family, we went out shooting and it was sooooo fun!! We kissed of course and just spending time with him was wonderful.

For the first time, I didn't miss Chris. I had a long talk with my boss a few weeks before I met Rob about being okay with always loving Chris, but eventually it would turn into a different kind. He will always be in my heart, but I am ready to move on and I am hoping it is with Rob.

We kept in touch while I was in Brazil for 3 weeks, and we've seen each other about once a week since I've been back. We've had great times--he's already cooked for me more than Chris did in the 3 years we were together. He is good at it too! :) I've met his roomie, whose name coincidently is Chris. He's super nice. Rob does have an 8 year old son... but he lives in Edmonton. He just moved there in August with his mom and her bf. He is back for a few weeks for Christmas, and Rob has been a little.... distance. I'm not sure if he is that interested anymore... I guess I'll find out soon. I'm going to leave him alone until he reaches out to me... or until Monday. See how I feel about it. I am nervous... it's the first time I've felt this vulnerable. I refuse to let it ruin my Christmas and New Years though!!

Lots to write, but time for some shut eye.
07:18pm 11/07/2013
mood: bouncy
Got back from Montreal (visiting my younger brother, Brian, who is a twin) on Sunday... had an A-MAAAAAAZING time there. I haven't been outside of North America and so seeing this city was great--I absolutely loved seeing all of the architecture... it really fascinated me how old a lot of the buildings are. My mom was also there (but she left on Friday) and we were looking at some real estate prices and saw the years some places were built... an apartment building was built in 1850! It's so crazy. It was all still mostly forest here at that time! And seeing the European (mainly French of course) style was cool too, how they built them with stones... so neat! I can't get over it (as you can tell).

We got there at 2:30am on Saturday, June 29th (to my brother's apartment) and we stayed up a bit to talk (my mom stayed at a place a block away) but we were in bed by 3:30am. The area he lives in is called Mont Royal and it reminds me of the Commercial Drive area here in Vancouver.... it's so awesome! You can get to everything by metro (the train) or bus. Having Google maps to look up what buses to take helps a TON too! Had never used it before then. Great if you aren't familiar with that city's transit system. I took around 300 photos... just filled up my one memory card. Not too bad! Hopefully I can post them to FB soon, maybe I'll post at least a few later tonight.

Saturday was spent sleeping in (not really though as they're 3 hours ahead, so we woke up around 7:30am pacific) and then going to buy groceries, and my friend Douglas came. We also met up with my friend Danielle who would be staying with us until Tuesday. Then we made dinner and went to the first night (well, our first night) of the jazz fest. We went almost every night! Except the night Brian was too sick to go and my mom was tired. I needed it though, my doctor told me I had a mild case of bronchitis (which I've never had before) the week before. No wonder I couldn't get better! Doug ended up leaving to see a friend, thinking he would be even closer to the jazz fest, but he ended up further away and we never saw each other again. :( But it was great seeing him for a little nonetheless! He's someone who I can go months without talking and our relationship never changes. He's my birthday twin! Known him since we were 14... that's 16 years! Crazy! Time flies! After the jazz fest, we ended up going dancing which was fun. My brother doesn't do freestyle though, only ballroom dances.... salsa, bazuk, etc (all South American ones). And he's awesome at them! Great leader, I like dancing with him.

Sunday we woke up early to go see a 300 year old house (Maison saint-gabriel): http://www.maisonsaint-gabriel.qc.ca/en/
It was were the King's Wards stayed when they came to Montreal. Their history is really neat! We went on a tour of the house. Then Danielle & I napped and again, had dinner and went to the jazz fest. The night before Danielle and I had poutine but it wasn't that great... I've had it here, and it's so good. I do like poutine every once & a while. My brother lives a 5 minute walk from a place that has 24 hour poutine (which is also known as the place to get poutine when you go to Montreal), so we ended up going there on Tuesday just before Danielle left.

Monday was Canada Day and we went down to the Old Port for the festivities. Lots of things for kids to do. There were 2 stages and one had Zumba going on! It was awesome! They had down a big dance floor on the grass so everyone could participate. Great way to get people moving! The instructor was extremely motivating and fun. Then we went out for Brian's gf's birthday (Jessy) at Tequila Taco. Delicious food! Montreal is similar to Vancouver in the food scene, it has tons of options and lots of yummy restaurants. Went back to the Old Port for the fireworks and saw a 70's group (3 ladies--in their 20s I think) perform as well. They were AWESOME!! The fireworks were OK, but I'm used to the Festival of Lights here in July/August and so normal fireworks don't compare at all.

Since Tuesday was Danielle's last day, she didn't want to go to any museums so instead we went to Old Montreal (where the Old Port is) and walked around (my mom had a self guided tour book we used). We did go into Notre Dame Cathedral which is BEAUTIFUL. I took a ton of photos. It was the only day we wore pants... and then the rest of the time I was there, the humidity was BRUTAL. It was like being in my car in the sun, with the windows rolled up... ALL.THE.TIME! Holy cow! At least it cooled down a little at night. I hogged the fan anyways... Brian really should get another fan! lol We went to a fancy schmancy pants restaurant for lunch.. it was $22 for a duck leg & fancy salad. SO good! I thought maybe the duck would be too rich but it wasn't! Well, it was rich but it was sooooo good! MMmm... I'm drooling just thinking about it. haha Danielle left later on that day and we had dinner at my brother's apartment and then went to the jazz fest. Brian didn't come though, he'd had a headache all weekend and had stayed home from work that day. So me, my mom and Jessy went. We saw Wax Tailor, a local artist. He was amazing! Great performance.

Wednesday and Thursday we went to a few more museums (my mom is all about them lol). We saw the Chihuly blown glass exhibit at the Fine Arts museum and went to the Ramzey house in Old Montreal. The blown glass exhibit was so cool! He goes big! He has a team that does it from his sketches... since he lost an eye in a car accident and dislocated his shoulder from a surfing accident in the 70's, he had to stop doing it all himself. So, it was really fun to learn about him and see these big creations. We were originally going to get the museum pass for $80 each, but you had only 3 days... definitely not enough time to see EVERYTHING! We also saw the Napoleon display at the Fine Arts museum, it was really neat. I love seeing old furniture and fashion, etc. I think the only thing that doesn't fascinate me as much are paintings. Which the Fine Arts museum has a TON of. You could spend HOURS upon hours in there!

As I said before, my mom left on the Friday. Thursday she was going to come to the jazz fest but was too tired. So me, Brian and Jessy went. I started to feel sick though and went back to his apartment... and boy did I get sick later on at 2am! Brian thinks he didn't cut all the black parts of the cilantro off in the curry... but I felt way better after it was all out! haha Didn't want to exert myself too much (I hate puking so I try and avoid it at all costs!!) so I slept in quite a bit Friday and lazed around. I wanted to go biking along the Canal originally. :( Boo!! Montreal is, he such a bike friendly city... there are bike lanes everywhere! Hardly anyone wears a helmet though. When we were walking back to my brother's on Tuesday, it was around when people were going home from work and there was a BIKE traffic jam!! There were literally like 30 bikes! It was crazy, but so awesome! So instead I had found out the night before that some friends from home were also there that weekend and so I walked the 15 blocks to meet up with them (in the crazy humidity!!) and we walked around Old Montreal. We stopped in for a while at this little bar place that had some cheap fancy appies. They got a terrine and chicken (? I think) liver pate/mousse)... both were good but I loved the pate! Deliciousness!

That night was supposed to be a surprise birthday for Jessy with their friends, but she found out via FB because it wasn't private. haha We still had a great time though, his friends are really nice! One of them has the same issues as me, so we talked a bit. She made a gluten free chocolate cake! It was yummmmmmy! Then of course we went to the jazz fest. We had the cake at the jazz fest because the restaurant wanted to charge each person who had a piece a $1.25! Like a corking fee for wine. Dumb! Never heard of that before.

We had discussed going to either the pool or fake beach (as my brother calls it--it is a man made lake) on Saturday. We would have had to rent a car to get to the fake beach, so we just went to the pool. As expected, it was crazy busy but it was amazing on a day with so much heat & humidity! We were there for around 3 hours, all the time mainly spent in the pool. haha That night at the jazz fest we saw a cool band do a cover in French (My Generation by the Who), and then went to the main stage at 11pm and watched the Cat Empire... at first I didn't know it was them, but then they played an old song of theirs and I was all "OMG, it's the Cat Empire!!!!"... haha I saw them at the 2005 jazz fest here in Vancouver, and they were great here but even more amazing in Montreal! LOVED it! I was dancing the whole hour they played but eventually EVERYONE was dancing! It was so cool!!

Sunday I packed and then we went out for brunch. I had pesto eggs benedict (on gluten free bread!), yummyness! It was sad saying bye! :( I miss him! But I get to see him again when we go to Brazil for 3 weeks on Oct 25th! Yippee! I really enjoyed getting to know Jessy as well, she's from France. Super nice and just a great person! Too bad her and Brian aren't here! lol Could hang out more!
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02:46pm 19/06/2013

I'm missing Chris today. I miss his friendship. Miss our conversations, how he can make me laugh... Just miss him in general. Life is so good right now and I don't like it how this can make it seem blah. I'm even seeing a guy Friday that I have a little crush on! It just all makes me sad that right now we can't be friends. And who knows if I'll ever be able to really be true friends with him.

I hope this is my PMS talking.

Being sick   
10:03pm 16/06/2013
  So since Chris and I broke up in November, I have officially lost count of the number of times I've been sick. I have NEVER been this sick so many times ever. It is really frustrating! I'm hoping it's because of my lack of sleep (I've become a night owl again) and hoping I can correct it. I think it has to do with my lack of exercise too. I'm hoping to get my tax return soon so I can get a year pass at one of the local swimming pools here. I need to use more time management as well. I guess I'm just trying to do all these things (trying to start up my photography business, spend time with family & friends, exercise, read, cook...) and it's all catching up to me. I am so much more productive at night though!

I finished editing my long time friend, Debbie's photos and I'm getting more & more familiar with Lightroom and I LOVE it. I can't wait to figure out what else I can do! I bought an instruction book for it a while ago and I've read some of it but I need to read more.

Here is one of my favourites from our session:IMG_5969-1

Aren't they both gorgeous? :) I do try and make it as natural looking as possible, but I like playing with the lighting. I just have so much fun--hopefully I can turn this into at least a part-time job! It would make me so happy to do that. :)
11:11am 01/06/2013
  Because a certain friend on here would like more of her friends to.. so I am! :)

So much has happened in the last 2 years! Chris and I aren't together anymore. I guess it all for a reason. It's been 6 months and I'm okay, we're friends but I'm not sure we can really BE friends like you're supposed to be. I guess time will tell! He's moved up to Quesnel (8 hour drive north of Vancouver) so at least I don't have to see him. haha This is basically what happened in a nutshell (a long nutshell)....

I've had yeast problems since I got my first one in 2004, and it came to a head in 2008 when I had to go on a detox, which helped but never fully got rid of them (I'm not on birth control--they give me yeast infections). So I got one in the summer of 2011 and it NEVER WENT AWAY. No matter how many pills I took from the pharmacy, it fought me and I just couldn't get rid of it. I spent a LOT of money trying to. So I finally went the route I'd been told I should take... no sugar, gluten, wheat, starch (potatoes, etc), alcohol, anything fermented, dairy, yeast.... for 2 months. I knew it would be hard but I was prepared to do anything... my body had basically forced me to do it. I felt like I was PMSing that first week of not having sugar because I was so used to it! It's crazy how you can get addicted to certain foods. The yeast wanted it and so I wanted it! Anyways, I ended up going to a naturopath for more help 2 weeks after I started my 'diet' as I call it. They suggested that I do this 'diet'.... for SIX months!! Crazy right? Well, it helped.... but we realized after 4 months or so, that the balance down there was off... a lot. My infection was gone, but my natural balance had gone haywire. And it didn't take much to have it go off kilter. I spent all this money on a treatment and I don't think it helped (boooo!)... I can't even remember what the treatment was called. Finally they suggested taking boric acid pills (they're safe!).... normally you'd take them once at night for 10 days... but because I was so off balance, they told me to take them everyday, and at night... for a MONTH. It took doing that but it actually felt NORMAL down there!! It had been so long I had forgotten what that was like.

Then I thought, oh hey, I can eat whatever cause it's normal again... WRONG. I ate sugar everyday for 10 days and got another infection!! So basically, I'm extremely sensitive to having anything that will turn into sugar. It sucks.... it's really hard to do that. And expensive. I mean, the food industry for people with crazy allergies has grown exponentially in the last 5 years, but it's still hard. When I was on the diet, I could only buy salads and roast chicken from the store. Oh and Amy's pea soup. haha Curry is a good addition to pea soup btw!

But this was the start of our issues.... not at first... Chris was SO GOOD, all the way through everything. He was my knight in shining armor. I am so grateful to have met him and have him with me through all that. He was so supportive. And I'm saying this because we basically couldn't do much sexually for that amount of time.... longer... I guess... almost a year. See how supportive he was? But, when I was off my diet, I wasn't myself sexually. I got nervous (even though I didn't know it at the time but I know it now) and he started thinking that I wasn't attracted to him, etc which was NOT the case. We had bad communication skills for a while and I think that's really where our relationship started to break down. It makes me sad still to talk about it. But not as sad as it would have a few months ago or even a few weeks ago. It taught me SO much.

That wasn't all of the reason though... I joined a direct sales business called Arbonne. They are a great company but I spent so much money (of my own) and went into a lot of debt... and I lied to Chris. First time ever. And I will never do that again to another boyfriend. I started to change and he noticed... we had talked about moving to Quesnel so we could buy a house and start a family (this was in Jan 2012) and he even said we could get married.. and I asked if he was serious and he said yes and I wanted to tell my family so I did.... but he never ended up getting me a ring. He thought I didn't want to move (I had been fighting moving for a while because I'm so close to my family & friends and I have never lived away from Vancouver) because I hadn't started packing anything. We were excited before going on a trip to see his family and see Quesnel (because I wasn't moving there without having been there!) but his sister was SO insistent that it made him back away and stop looking for work. So I didn't pack. We didn't really talk about it... he would sometimes mention it in an angry fit but that didn't make me want to talk about it. I think I was depressed and didn't know it. Lying to Chris completely made me into a different person... someone I never want to be again. In September everything came to a head and I ended up coming to my parents because I wanted him to have space (he would have gone to his brother's but I wanted him to have alone time) and we ended up not talking for a month. I heard from his brother's gf that he had gone to the island (where he's from) to have family time... all the weekends he could. And that he had a boys night with his dad and brother and cried!! He NEVER cries. So I wasn't sure if that was good or bad. Well, a month after he asked me to come over... and basically said that he didn't love me anymore. That he was moving to Quesnel at the end of November. I was devastated. I know it was extremely hard for him to tell me (he said he knew for 2 weeks before telling me... I think that's why he cried) because we were not only lovers, but best friends. He never wanted to hurt me but it would be a lie if we stayed together... and we both wouldn't be happy eventually.

A week after I went over and decided to tell him all that I had spent with Arbonne. I didn't think it would change anything but I wanted it all out in the open so I could have closure. So I told him... and he came up to me and said "Why didn't you tell me?", while hugging me and I know I saw tears in his eyes... he said I could tell him anything, so why not that? I'm still not sure to this day. He was my best friend. I think I was scared that he would judge me and get mad.... anyways that lead to him kissing me and saying we were going to move to Quesnel. We had the most passionate night in the longest time... it was amazing. But in the end, he couldn't handle that I couldn't tell him and it made him mad and in the end, he still didn't love me... the way he should. He kept saying he loved me but in a friend way... not something you really want to hear.

So he moved and I am still at my parents. I'm paying off debt for the next 2 years and staying here. I don't want to but it's something I have to do. Luckily my parents are awesome and I have this option. :) I still miss him, I miss our talks and everything... it's making me tear up talking about him. But not as much as it did before. I think I really just miss seeing him and hanging out with him. He was the first boyfriend that was my best friend. Never felt that way about another boyfriend. I would never say he is a bad person, because he's not. He's doing what he needs to do to be happy and that takes guts sometimes. A lot of people stay in relationships because they are comfortable. He has taught me so much. I've finally decided that I'm going to go ahead, even though I'm scared, and start my own photography business. It'll be part time, just because it rains so much here. But I'm so excited!! Ive been taking lots of photos of people and their kids, etc and I LOVE it. I'm not as nervous as I thought I'd be! I just enjoy it so much. And everyone needs that in their lives... yeah you can have a family & kids, but for me, it wouldn't have been enough and I think that's true for many people. You need to have hobbies, etc to make you happy too.

Anyways, this is a long enough entry for now! I'll update again. :) Lots of exciting things to look forward to!!
Hello to people who still care about me ;)   
09:33pm 03/03/2011
  Wow, I should try and update this more than once a year! I've been so busy at work that all I want to do at home is relax... clean, organize, spend time with Chris... it's hard trying to make sure I spend enough time with the people I love. To juggle everyone. I have one of my best friends over for one of our favourite shows, One Tree Hill, on Tuesday's, go to aqua size with 2 co-workers Wednesday's, and go to my parents Thursday's (which is a nice break from making dinner!). Then I have things to do on the weekend and I've been trying to make my lunches/dinners.

I do have to say I've been pretty successful in the kitchen. I always try a few new recipes each week because I tend to get bored of the same food and want new flavours. I also want to have an extensive recipe collection, so eventually, I won't have to look for new ones all the time! I don't know when that'll happen though... haha I made salmon fillets the other night with crushed almonds and then a sauce on it (which included lemon juice, orange juice, maple syrup, soy sauce and garlic) and it was DELICIOUS. Chris told me I impressed him! hehe I'm happy with my progress though. I'm hoping when it gets warmer maybe I can learn more things to do on the bbq, cause I usually let Chris man that. Last night he made steaks with caesar salad and baked potatoes. Normal that he made steaks but the fact that he made SIDES to them is a miracle! haha He usually just eats his steaks alone, with nothing else! That boy does love his steaks and he makes them taste so good. He just puts garlic salt on them!

I did my taxes and I'm getting around the amount I thought I'd be getting so I'm happy about that. We need to buy a bedframe, so I'm hoping to do that this weekend or in the next few weeks. It'll be nice to have one finally!

Chris bought me a really nice ring for Christmas, which almost made me cry. No other boyfriend has bought me something so extravagent. He called it a 'friendship' ring... haha I call it a promise ring! He also got me photoshop (!!!!!!!!!) which made me squeal!! lol I've been wanting it FOREVER--like the last 6-7 years! I never thought anyone would buy it for me. I'm still learning things about it but it's such a huge program that I'm sure it'll take a while to really REMEMBER everything. Chris and I are planning to buy a super nice camera on Boxing Day this year (yes, we planned it a year in advance haha). You can get such awesome deals and it'll be even cheaper cause we'll split the cost! My camera is from boxing day 2004 so it's pretty old. It still works great but it just doesn't do enough of what I want it to do.

Chris is as wonderful as ever. A week or so before Valentine's, I got home from having a pretty crappy day to a pink shaped heart cookie that said "Love" on my pillow!! He saw it at the grocery store and knew it would make me smile... and it totally made my day! He may not do traditional romantic things (we don't really celebrate vday) but he surprises me and those are the best kind of romantic gestures!
Helloooo out there!   
09:31pm 26/09/2010
  Wow, this year has flown by! Still with Chris, our one year is coming up on Oct 12th! Can't believe it's already been almost a year--feels so short, yet I feel like we've known each other for YEARS! He is amazingly wonderful. :) He sang to me in bed yesterday! He is perfect--perfect for me. Living with him is easy. We're going to his Mom's for Thanksgiving and my parents for Christmas. Woo! His mom is great--really easy to talk with. I like his dad and step mom too!

I just went on a 4-day trip with my Mom and Grandpa. We took the ferry over to Vancouver Island and stayed in Campbell River. We visited my Grandpa's nieces & nephews and their kids, whom I'd never met. It was really cool being able to talk to them since I'm not super close to a lot of family. It was neat to learn more things about my Grandpa's family. We went to his parents & 2 of his brother's graves. We also went to where he grew up--Granite Bay on Quadra Island. I knew it was remote when he lived there (1916-1940ish), but I didn't realize it'd still be that remote. Up until a few years ago they didn't have electricity! His old homestead was right next to a lake (Stramberg Lake, his neighbours were the Strambergs!) and so was his dad's brother's place (Uncle Fred), which is still there, but has been renovated. My cousin, Alan, lives at the homestead but we didn't go see him because apparently he has 100+ cats & dogs! I saw a photo of him and he looked crazy--like a real hillbilly! It was perfect though because my mom's first cousin, Robert, it was his birthday on Wednesday, so we got to celebrate with him. Overall, it was an awesome time. I definitely want to bring Chris there for a vacation so he can see everything.

Work has been so busy. We had a full time receptionist in the summer, but now she's gone back to school so we only have her part-time. Not even, as she's not there Monday's and only works 2 hours on Tuesday. It still helps us out though as Alyssa and I really need a part-time person to relieve us on the phone. I'm glad we're busy though, it's nice instead of being bored! I don't want to go back to work but I guess that's life.
2009 in Review   
09:01pm 11/01/2010
mood: happy
I thought I'd do this since I didn't post at all last year. I have a lot to say!

1) Where did you begin 2009?
At my house, sick. My roomie and I had a little get together, I had just started to get sick and by New Year's Day I was full blown sick! In bed for 2 days.

2) What was your status by Valentine's Day?

3) Did you attend school this year?
I took a photography course which definitely makes me happy and take more courses in the future! Too bad they're more expensive.

4) How did you earn your money?
Worked at the same company I've been at since 04, Haakon Industries. Been a slow year, boo the recession!

5) Did you have to go to the hospital in 2009?
Yes. My grandpa was in there for 3 months after falling (from standing up too soon after taking a puff for his asthma), then proceeded to have some kidney failure, etc etc. It got to the point where I was 98% that he was going to pass away... I still can't believe he's still here! He is such an inspiration, even with his love gone. I love him to bits! He just turned 93 on Dec 31st. He is definitely a trooper and won't go easy! :)

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?
Nope! Never do. haha

7) Where did you go on holiday?
Disneyland in April with 3 of my friends!! AWESOME time! Definitely want to take my kids there (if I have any...).

8) What did you purchase that was over $1000?
Trip to Disneyland was over $1000!

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
Hmm. Yes, 1 of my cousin's. I think that's it...

10) Did you know anybody who passed away?
A guy who i went to elementary & high school with--he committed suicide... :( So sad.

12) Did you move anywhere?
No, but I will in July (or sooner)! Moving in with the boyfriend. :D I can't wait.

14) What concerts/shows did you go to?
A few... some local guys, Wintersleep, Crystal Castles, Kings of Leon... that's all I can remember.

15) Are you registered to vote?
Yes I am.

16) Who did you want to win American Idol?
n/a I don't watch that.

17) Where do you live now?
Burnaby, British Columbia

18) Describe your birthday?
It was awesome! I went out for hot pot which was DELICIOUS with friends and then we went dancing at my favourite place called Honey. Sunday (Mother's Day), had the usual lunch out with my family which is always good. Had cake at my grandpa's--yummy!

19) What's one thing you thought you wouldn't do but did in 2009?
Lose the weight I gained a few years ago! At heaviest I was almost 150, now I'm back at where I was (almost) since I was 15... 130! Or, around there. I'm pretty happy, I just gotta maintain it. Perhaps lose some more of that fat. Gain some more muscle.

20) What has been your favorite moment?
There are 2... my grandpa moving up to a place in the hospital where it showed he was getting better and that he wasn't going to pass, and meeting the love of my life, Chris! (NEW chris for you people who don't know haha Not the 'bad chris', is how I refer to that guy now haha)

21) What's something you learned?
To never give up on love, it'll sneak up on you when you least expect it.

22.) Any new additions to your family?
Chris... :) It'll be 3 months tomorrow and we've already talked about marriage & babies. He is my best friend and definitely part of my family.

23.) What was your best month?
October - (12th) Met Chris! I think he knew I was the one before I did... on our 3rd date (3 dates in 3 days), before I was leaving, he asked how he was going to survive the next 3 days til we could see each other again (he works 12 hour days, 3 days a week). It didn't scare me at all!

24.) What music will you remember 2009 by?
Hmmm Kings of Leon... they're my new favourite band.

25) Who has been your best drinking buddy?
Meeting Chris, I don't drink that often anymore (plus I don't have the money to haha and not that I drank a lot anyways)... but... still the same, friends & Chris.

26) Made new friends?
Of course, I always strive to make new friends. I took swing lessons earlier in the year and met a girl named Magdalena, who is awesome. We hang out quite a bit! Oh and Chris... but of course he's more than a friend. ;) I also joined a book club and have made a few friends through that. I've actually found it easier to meet friends now than I did in high school. It's quite refreshing. I love meeting new people--you never know who you will connect with!

28) Favorite Night out?
Any night I spend with Chris! hehe Or when a few friends from high school were visiting, Rosie & Sarah.

29) Someone you liked?
Chris is the only one that matters. :)

30) have you kissed the one from question 29?
Yes, plenty! :D

31) Kiss any one of the same sex?

33) something you look forward to before 2010?
Hmm. What did I look forward to? Oh!! Rosie is now here!! One of my best friends. She moved to Calgary for school back in 05 and she's back here for a co-op for 4-8 months! YAY!

34) Where will you start 2010?
Spent it with Chris at a friend's house. Good times. :)

35) Overall, was it a good year?
For me, yes I suppose so. Chris put the icing on the cake.
Weddings galore!   
11:51am 08/08/2008
mood: ecstatic
This summer has been super busy, but also super AWESOME!! :D

Tonight I'm going to my cousin's wedding... she's my favourite cousin on my mom's side, so I can't wait! Her bachlorette was 3 weeks ago--we went camping. It was such a blast! Relaxing but fun at the same time. No drama either! woohoo! You'd think with 14 girls that would happen a little. haha 2 weeks ago I went to the Pemberton Music Festival... omg, SOOOO much fun! My friend Solveig got us a sweet hook-up... work in the beer gardens 6 hours a day for 3 days, get free camping, free access to all concerts, no waiting in lines for the DJ tents (or else we knew people who worked in them), free food while we were working, free parking! AND we came out with $680 each NOT including tips!! Our team sold the most--13,000 beers!! Oh yeah. We had awesome work ethic and we were all just so happy that we just drew people to us... :) It made me realize how much I miss the customer interaction everyday. I hope I can do it again next year! DEFINITELY would! We made $2,000 in tips in one night!! woo!

Tomorrow I have one of my best friend's, debbie's, bachlorette! I'm excited! It was my first one that I planned--all by myself! We're going to a spa, getting a mani and/or pedi, going out for a fancy dinner, then going to improv (lots of laughs!!), and then heading back to my place for dessert and games! Shall be a fun time! Oh and we'll drink wine too. :) I hope the wine I bought is good... haha Then she's staying over and we're going to her bridal shower at her parents. Should be a fun filled weekend!!

I shall post some pictures when I have a spare moment (which isn't much these days)... love you all!
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